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We are a small private company, SoulPsych Pty Ltd, trading sometimes under the name of Natural Mind Counselling. Although currently based in Perth, Western Australia, and Melbourne, Victoria, our online services are available Australia-wide. The company aims to provide quality and personable services to our clients.

To ensure professional and expert services to our clients. As well as a face-to-face service, we also provide an internet-based business.


Counselling Objectives:

Our counseling objective is to provide personable, non-judgemental and quality psychological services to our clients.

By balancing the utilization of research-based psychological techniques and using a 'Transpersonal psychological' approach, we endeavour to help clients see their self-sabotaging patterns, assist in change, understand themselves better and deeper their connectedness to themselves, others, mind, body and spirit. We treat each person as a unique individual. Assistance is also provided to help the individual with coping strategies in order to empower her/him to achieve a salubrious mind.


What are the required qualifications of a Hypnotherapist?

The practice of ‘Hypnosis’ and the title ‘Hypnotherapist’ has been de-regulated. This means that anyone can call themselves a ‘Hypnotherapist’ without any formal training.  It is up to the customer to be aware and ask for the qualifications of the Hypnotherapist.

Our Hypnotherapists have been trained by a reputable and professional organization, The Australian Society of Hypnosis. This involves acquiring a 2 year Diploma in ‘Clinical Hypnosis.’ This organization trains only those who have qualifications in the health-related field such as Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Dentists and Health Practitioners. Previously, these were the only group of professionals who were allowed to practice hypnosis by law. However, this is no longer the case.


What is Transpersonal Psychology?

Transpersonal Psychology is a holistic approach to looking at human behaviour.  It involves looking at not just the mind and body, but also at the spirit.  The term ‘spirit,’ is not meant in a religious sense but rather, a word used to describe experiences which transcends the personal ego or higher states of consciousness.  This typically involves a feeling of connectedness to others, nature or to a greater consciousness or spiritual dimension beyond the mundane existence.   Common terms used to label such experiences include mystical, spiritual, in flow, ecstatic, shamanic, mindfulness, transcendent, self-realisation, etc.  This could be brought about by meditation, trance rituals, nature, an enjoyable activity, conversation, picture, music, achievements and so on.  Therefore, the focus of Transpersonal Psychology is to assist the individual to connect with these transcendent states of consciousness or their highest potential.  It brings psychology to a deeper level.  The term ‘Transpersonal’ means ‘Beyond the mask.’  Therefore, Transpersonal Psychology aims to identify the ‘self’ which is beyond the pretence or mask of what we show the world and guides the individual to a truer self-expression, acceptance and connectedness.   


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