Here are 10 values that can be used to guide your life.  

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  • Compassion – Cultivating and expressing compassion towards others and to oneself helps foster connection and understanding, and thus the road to harmony.


  • Personal Development – Self-enquiry and improving oneself and one’s skills and knowledge leads to expansion of one’s consciousness and wisdom, one’s growth, good for oneself and good for the community, fostering evolution.


  • Freedom – Freedom and flexibility fosters growth, expansion, empowerment and satisfaction in life. Making choices and adopting paradigms which free ourselves, our minds and others.


  • Authentic Communication – Having honest and open communication fosters authenticity and helps us align more to what we truly want and need and communicates this to others as well.


  • Enriching Life – Living a life which aligns with your passions, stimulates your mind and embraces different experiences which expands your consciousness. This includes having a balanced life and having fun!


  • Be encouraging – Communicating to others about their strengths, abilities, their uniqueness and special qualities, giving them hope, helps foster motivation, is empowering and stimulates their growth. We need to do this with ourselves as well.


  • Self-Care – Especially in the mental health industry, it’s essential for the practitioner to practice self-care and prevent compassion fatigue and burn-out. We also want to demonstrate what we say to our clients!


  • Community – Building connections and a sense of community, fosters harmony, teamwork and reduces isolation. Since we are social creatures and need one another, building a community fosters a better place to live in!


  • Creativity – Remembering to be creative, including thinking outside the box. Many problems can be resolved through creative thinking and inventions.
  • Sustainability – Supporting inventions and ventures which help with the environment. There’s only one Earth.
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